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JC Martinez-Sifre has been a resident of Brooklyn since 2007 and a resident of Kensington since 2010, relocating from his place of upbringing, Miami, FL where he was a Senior Editor for a division of the Sun-Sentinel which published neighborhood weeklys.

He is currently a member of ACS’s City-Wide Policy Council, coordinator for the Kensington Trash Mob, and active member of the the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Transmedia New York City Meetup.

His own blog and podcast currently reports on trends in digital culture which form the foundations of the forthcoming immersive, liminal web. It can be viewed at podgnosticast.com.

He is a father, a husband, and currently aspires to master the arts of breathing and floating.


Amber Ceffalio takes pictures around the city for her blog Sidewalk Photos. She also writes about the ethical dilemmas of American Sign Language interpreters, and occasionally writes about parenting and more for various websites.




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Mary BakijaMary Bakija is the Managing Editor of Corner News Media, overseeing content of a network of neighborhood news sites that currently includes Ditmas Park CornerPark Slope StoopSouth Slope News, and Kensington BK. Mary was previously the editor of the Ditmas Park Corner and the Ditmas Park Blog. You can reach her at Mary@cornernewsmedia.com or 347-748-1921.




liena zagare

Liena Zagare is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of Corner News Media, a network of 4 neighborhood news sites in Brooklyn. Liena has 8 years of experience bringing neighbors news they care about, and helping local businesses succeed.  Liena is super approachable and brilliant when it comes to ideas on how best to promote your business and reach your customers.

When you’d like to advertise on any of our sites (Ditmas Park CornerPark Slope StoopSouth Slope News, and Kensington BK), please reach out to her at Liena@cornernewsmedia.com or call her at 917-496-5888.


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